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The Head Chocolatier

For the past several years, Scott has turned his creativity and artistry along with his culinary background into a passion we can all appreciate. Scroll down to hear his story.


Scott Shelby’s Artistry with Chocolate Earns him the Title of “Sweetsengineer”

From a quaint Montana town to the Twin Cities

Over the past few years, Scott has seamlessly blended his culinary expertise with his innate creativity, channeling his passion into an irresistible endeavor: crafting exquisite chocolates. Who can resist the allure of chocolate, after all? Originally hailing from a quaint Montana town, Scott relocated to the outskirts of Minneapolis, where he witnessed a surge in demand for his premium chocolates in a more bustling environment.

From pastry chef, professional snowboarder and microbiologist to Sweetsengineer

Scott's journey into the realm of gourmet chocolate design was serendipitous. While working as a pastry chef, his bakery received a request to create chocolates for a wedding. Seizing the opportunity despite initial uncertainty, Scott delighted the wedding party with his artistic confections. Encouraged by a friend who coined him the "Sweets Engineer," Scott began crafting chocolates in his spare time, gradually transforming his passion into a full-fledged business venture. 

His path to chocolate entrepreneurship may seem unexpected, given his diverse background. With a college major in microbiology, a stint as a professional snowboarder for Rossignol, and professional training as a pastry chef, his journey is nothing short of eclectic. His past as a graffiti artist also lends a unique flair to his chocolate designs.

A deep love for art infused with an insatiable urge to create sweets

The chocolates Scott creates defy convention. Employing a range of colored cocoabutter, he achieves a lustrous finish akin to an artist's palette, drawing inspiration from his graffiti roots to craft visually stunning and delectable treats. For Scott, each chocolate creation is a canvas on which he splashes his emotions, infusing his work with a tangible sense of artistry and passion.

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